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Dear Travelers,

We at AEA have made it our goal to give individual and group travelers the opportunity to create unforgettable memories exploring Vietnam’s greatest treasures, without the stresses and troubles of traveling in foreign countries. With our multi-lingual and internationally educated team we can offer you the right grouping of travel services to meet your needs from start to finish.

We pride ourselves in incorporating your wishes and expectations into all of our services to design your dream vacation. We can take care of everything from visas and airport pick-ups to hotel reservations, travels within Vietnam and Asia, and your return flights.

When you arrive in the “Land of smiling faces” you’ll find our new fleet of vehicles and their multi-lingual, experienced drivers waiting for you. Your relaxation and safety are our top priority.

Our handpicked collection of Hotels offers a variety of ambiences and amenities, so we will always be able to find a hotel to suit your needs for comfort and ambiance. We check the quality of their service and accommodations on a regular basis and stay in touch with the hotel staff to guarantee consistency in their service. Our team will assist you when you check in and make sure your needs are met.

Vietnam offers a wide variety of activities and attractions for all types of travelers. The beauty of its nature paired with the rich cultural background will mesmerize you. We give you the opportunity to get to know the real Vietnam, meet families, get the inside scoop to this beautiful country and let you experience cultural differences between the North and the South. The Vietnamese artists will fascinate you with their craftsmanship. Hidden Waterfalls, jungle tours, pagodas and the rich history of this country will surprise you and leave you with lasting memories. You won’t find these treasures in any travel guide; we’ll show you places untouched by tourism and cherished by locals. The activities will be tailored to your interests to create a customized vacation experience.

We will be there for you around the clock and will offer you the flexibility to personalize your trip.

Whether you want to go fishing or study the history of the country, go on single or multiple day boat trips, trekking, exploring caves, biking, or even see the country from a bird’s eye view via helicopter…we’ll organize it for you.

AEA vacation activities include:

  • Water sport experiences including kayaking, jet skis, parasailing, excursions via speed boat, diving, snorkeling, or introducing you to beautiful beaches along the coast of Vietnam.

  • Events including Folk Festivals, Beach parties, BBQ’s and Gala dining

  • One-of-a-kind Cooking Classes that not only teach you how to cook authentic Vietnamese food, but take you through the cooking experience of locals including picking out the ingredients at a local Farmer’s Market and bargaining and trading until you’ve acquired what you need.

Most of Vietnamese transportation is done on two wheels whether it’s bicycles, scooters or motorcycles. Exploring the country on a motorcycle will immerse you into Vietnamese culture even further and allow you to go places cars can’t. We offer motorcycle rentals or purchases with buy-back guarantees, as well as drivers for the novice motorcyclist. The AEA Team will make sure you’re up to speed on traffic rules and safety tips while you’re exploring some of the most beautiful villages of Vietnam.

Of course the AEA team is prepared to show you all the famous Vietnamese sites from Ho Chi Minh’s house to the caves of Ha Long Bay, but our true strength is in showing you the original Vietnam and its hidden cultural gems.

We would like to invite you to communicate your perfect vacation to us, and let us surprise you with the beauty Vietnam has to offer.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and hope to welcome you soon in Vietnam – for the vacation of a lifetime.

Xin Chao


Your AEA team









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